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Max Perry Perinato  /  +39 328 9626267 (mobile)

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I look forward to the opportunity to take part in a team of bold innovators who want to bring a positive impact on a huge number of people and businesses.

I'm an experienced software engineer and a well-rounded tech enthusiast with a flexible and reliable knowledge on a range of technologies, as well as a passion for project management. I have good communication skills and enjoy working in a team, both as a leader and a player. Finally, I'm keen in taking ownership and responsibility, thus identifying and solving problems as a matter of course, and making decisions.


I received my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science from the University Ca' Foscari of Venice, in 2010 and 2013 respectively. When I started University, in 2007, I had no previous education in Computer Science - apart from being a tech-savvy user. Now I have a solid foundation in software engineering, security of computer systems and computer vision, as well as distributed systems, high performance computing, Web mining and databases.

At the Bachelor I also attended project management as an optional course, which I immediately put into practice with success - both leading a team and working individually in a project. Several courses required a project assignment to be done in teams, among which an e-commerce built with Struts and Hibernate, the project planning of the new information system of the Regione Veneto - including the design of a subsystem - (as a simulation for software engineering), a compiler for the TinyJava language specification with assembly x86 code generation, and a backpropagation neural network for image compression.

Both my theses involved the design and development of a mobile application. The goal of my Bachelor's thesis was to develop an official app of Ca' Foscari for the iPhone, taking inspiration from iStanford. This work allowed me to learn to code in Objective-C and Cocoa, as well as to engineer a native mobile app. Similarly the Master's thesis involved the development of an Android app, but with significant focus on security and privacy of data, dealing with synchronization of sensitive documents stored in Liferay Portal. I have built a working prototype that ensures both privacy of such information and dynamic provisioning of trust (i.e. user revocation), at a small price in terms of performance and usability constraints. Having to deal with a large attack surface (the mobile OS and the network), I have acquired a deep understanding of the Android platform as well as of network protocols such as OAuth 2.

Master of Science in Computer Science 110 cum laude

Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Dec 2010 - Mar 2013
Development of a Privacy Preserving Liferay Portal document synchronizer for Android
Advanced Databases, Artificial Intelligence, Compilers, Computer Vision, Data and Web Mining, Distributed Systems, High Performance Computing, Information Theory, Mathematical Logic, Multimedia Systems, Numerical Algorithms, Security of Computer Systems

Liferay SAFE

Liferay SAFE


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 106/110

Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Sep 2007 - Dec 2010
iCa'Foscari: Design and Development of an App for iOS
Algorithms and Data Structures, Business Economics, C Programming, Calculus, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Databases, Discrete Structures, Human-Computer Interaction, Law for Computer Science, Linear Algebra, Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Physics, Probability and Statistics, Programming Languages and Compilers, Project Management, Software Engineering, Web Design
Best Freshman Award in Computer Science, 2009





As a software engineer - and a chartered engineer at the Order of Venice - I’m responsible in doing ongoing training and keeping my self as up-to-date as possible. Therefore, and for personal interest, I like to invest part of my time in learning new technologies and workflows (e.g. Node.js, Angular JS, React.js, redis, docker, and more). Additionally, I like to use the right tool for the right job, and thus I prefer to continuously add new skills instead of just limiting to a number of technologies. So, whenever it's convenient I take the chance of a new project to put innovation into practice and learn.

My skills focus on Web and mobile development across many development stacks. While I prefer to work on the front-end, I can work also on the back-end. Though I’m not effectively a UI or a UX designer, I have a natural inclination towards beautiful aesthetics that are properly functional and communicative, and I really enjoy exchanging ideas with professional designers and giving my own contribution to the product’s design. In fact, I’m handy with common design tools such as Ps, Ai and Sketch, and I often use them to quickly prototype new ideas, and more often than not, to create the final designs of Web and mobile apps. Additionally, I have experience in system administration of Microsoft and Linux servers and I’m a regular user of different cloud platforms (including Heroku and Google Cloud).

I'm interested in good software design principles and in legible, maintainable and reusable code. I also believe to be a good team player and to work well with AGILE methods, besides I'm familiar with project management tools and I understand the benefits of test-driven development and behavioural-driven development. My preferred environment is: OS X, Git, Xcode, Eclipse, Android Studio, Sublime Text, PS, Ai.

Finally, I'm keen to work hard and progress quickly to become a lead product developer and take responsibility for both the product's success and shortcomings.


  • Objective-C
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • HTML5-CSS3
  • Python
  • Swift
  • PHP
  • C, C++
  • Ruby on Rails

Frameworks & SDKs

  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Wordpress
  • Facebook SDK
  • Twitter SDK
  • Express
  • Angular JS
  • Titanium
  • JEE, Spring
  • Grunt, Bower
  • Rspec, Mocha

Databases & ORMs 

  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL
  • Hibernate

Platforms & Servers

  • Node JS
  • httpd, nginx
  • Tomcat
  • Google Cloud
  • Heroku


Since January 2014 - after having passed the state examination in December 2014, at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice - I’m a full chartered engineer at the Order of Engineers of Venice (information engineering section).
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Toptal is a network that connects the top 3% of freelance developers all over the world. In fact, differently from other portals like and oDesk, every Toptal developer has to pass a 5 step screening process, which only 3% of applicants are able to pass. I’m a member of Toptal since November 2013, and have recently applied to their Global Mentors program as a volunteer to help new graduates of the General Assembly Opportunity Fund hone their programming skills.
Why Toptal - Global Mentors Program


Cofounder & CTO

Fitsome, Inc.
August, 2014 - August 2015
Draper Incubator - San Mateo, California

Fitsome, Inc. is a food-tech startup founded in 2014 at the Draper Incubator in San Mateo, CA. I first joined the freshly founded company in May 2014 as a full-time lead mobile developer and I took immediate ownership of the development of Fyne: A restaurant discovery app for iOS.

The app was the first of its kind to adopt a mood-based approach, where the user can find the right restaurant around him based on his mood, in just a few taps. For example, you may be looking for something quick to eat for lunch, or the right place for a happy hour with your friends, or even a romantic place to have dinner with your date.

Apart from taking care of the app development, I also had the opportunity to assist the CEO in deciding features and building the mockups for the first release, as well as curating the investor deck and product’s landing page. Ultimately, I took responsibility for designing the full-stack architecture, and later on, as the company was growing, I started coordinating a fully distributed team comprising a data specialist (in New York) and a design agency (in Goa, India) - all this done remotely from my office in Venice, Italy and while reporting to the CEO based in San Mateo, California.

The app - later rebranded to Lavysh - was then successfully released in August 2014.

This initial collaboration turned to be so positive that the CEO offered me to hold officially the position of CTO, which I accepted seeing the possibility of improving the existing product and driving the startup into new, undiscovered areas of the food market.

In the following weeks, after more brainstorming and market analysis sessions, we realized that there was more data available about restaurants that could be surfaced and was under-exploited: The dishes. We believed that building food discovery around dishes, instead of limiting it to the restaurants themselves, would unlock a totally new way to find places where to eat. We also believed that restaurant reviews as seen on Yelp and Foursquare - usually too long to read and slightly biased - are of no use, especially when being on the move. For this reason, we thought to combine dishes with the concept of up-votes and short text reviews (140 chars). This bottom up and outsourced approach would lead to surprising new discoveries, and ultimately to a localized list of top (or best) dishes that reflect the culture and trends of a specific place. This is what we the called Trending Menu.

Therefore - as the CTO - I lead the development of the new product, supervising and working across all the technology stack - e.g. deploying servers on the cloud, designing the UI, building the backend API, writing the iOS app, etc. Finally, the Trending Menu was released in May 2015 across various countries including USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, and Australia.

Currently, the startup is working on adding yet another product to its range, with the goal of pairing the discovery products with a curated food delivery service, experimenting a model very similar to AirBnB.

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Restaurant recommendations for your mood.

Download Fyne in the iOS App Store

Fyne Trending Menu

Discover the best dishes around you.


I started taking freelance jobs while still attending university, considering it a good opportunity to make new experiences. I then had to organise my time to deal both with my studies and the additional works, which I mostly carried out at night. The freelance work initially involved mobile app development for Android and iOS - starting off from the experience earned with my two theses - and more lately it required the development of single page Web apps in Bootstrap and jQuery.

By working individually on all aspects of the resulting product I learned how to plan and estimate the project, to collect and implement requirements, to account for modifications, and to make decisions to solve problems and meet the customer's needs. I have summarised my works in the timeline below.


Android & iOS Development

Undisclosed - 2014

Android & iOS Loan Calculator App
Ported the iOS version of a loan calculator app to Android. Took over the development of the iOS app and added new enhancements.
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Wordpress Customization

Tommaso Gentile Studio - April 2014

Wordpress Customization
Collaborated with a design studio in Venice in the implementation of a Wordpress website for a professional project manager. Customised existing template and additional plugins as per requirements.

Frontend Development jQuery-Bootstrap

IS Software - January 2014

Vaillant Master Energy System
Designed & developed a product configurator as a responsive single-page app, to help Vaillant's customers choose the right heating system for their house. Based on Bootstrap and jQuery, presents a dashboard infographic made with jqPlot and CountUp.js.
Try the Master Energy System online

Frontend Development jQuery-Bootstrap

IS Software - July 2013

Libretto d'Impianto
Developed a frontend Web application to ease the compilation of service booklets for hydraulic systems. Based on Bootstrap and jQuery, includes a flat UI design and an innovative menu based on jQuery Isotope.

Cross-platform Development

Giovanni Cintolo - April 2013

Pianeta Cina
Reused the same codebase of "Biennale Italia-Cina" to release a new app for Android and iOS smartphones dedicated to an exhibition held at Palazzo Te in Mantova from April to May 2013.
Android versioniOS version

Android & iOS Development

IS Software - 2012

CIG Android
Designed and developed a native app for Android and iOS (smartphones and tablets). The app comprises a suite of tools that help heating installers do various calculations more easily and avoiding mistakes.
Android versioniOS version

Cross-platform Development

Giovanni Cintolo - October 2012

Biennale Italia-Cina
Designed and coded a cross-platform app for Android and iOS smartphones based on the Titanium SDK. The app was released as a mobile guide with offline capabilities for the Biennale Italia-Cina exhibition held in Monza Oct-Dec '12.
Android versioniOS version

Responsive Web Design & SEO

Agenzia Si Casa - June 2012

Agenzia Si Casa
Re-designed and migrated the real estate agency's website to Wordpress, improving the display of classifieds and simplifying their insertion. Positioned the website among the first organic results for strategic keywords.

Web Design & SEO

Tekno Point Italia - March 2011

Clima Invisibili
Designed a showcase website for the company's new product line. Positioned the website among the first organic results for competitive keywords.


I have a genuine passion for technology and I enjoy dedicating my free time to develop apps I need for myself, below are few examples. Some of them have been a success, some of them a failure and most still need to be completed, nevertheless all of them have been a good enrichment for my knowledge.


Hotel iBeacons

Interested by the capabilities of the iBeacon protocol in giving real-world context to mobile apps, I ordered a few sample devices - including the Gimbal beacons by Qualcomm - and started building a prototype iOS app and a Web dashboard (built on the MEAN stack) for contextual marketing for Hotels and BnBs. The web dashboard was designed as general purpose app, allowing to manage multiple locations (i.e. venues), multiple zones and multiple beacons per zone. The design also included a "rules engine" for triggering push notifications based on contextual or scheduled events.


Android Surveillance System

I needed a cost-effective surveillance system to be placed in an abandoned area with no cabled Internet service and no electricity.
I ended up building an Android app by myself that could record video at 1080p with a Samsung Galaxy SII and send motion alarm snapshots through a 3G connection.
The phone is powered by a sealed battery with a life of 5 days that can be extended with a solar panel.

2012 mining

I used to waste a lot of time on a website of classified ads, which oddly for me was a good relaxation.
Then after skimming across hundreds of classifieds, I identified some interesting patterns that I wanted to explore better.
So I decided to learn Scrapy and build a crawler to fetch some data, which I eventually stored in MongoDB instead of MySQL just to learn something more. I still have 1GB of data ready to be mined and visualized.



Determined to offer a better service to people looking for a place where to enjoy their night out, I started the PANFLET project with three other friends.
We made a prototype in Ruby on Rails of a responsive Web application to list all relevant events based on time and location in a more intuitive and appealing way.
Unfortunately the project didn't catch on for the lack of an appropriate business model.


A long time ago my friends and I enjoyed to spend some break time playing flash games, so one day I thought, "Why not start my own website?" and since then PXT-Games online has been. Eventually it turned out to be a good playground both to learn Web development in PHP and to manage a Linux server.


I’m a great enthusiast for innovative technologies that can bring huge benefits to the masses - just like the Web and mobile computing. In particular, I have an interest for Natural Language Processing applied to mining of Web comments and big data from social networks, and I believe that it can have an important role in predicting social behaviours and common trends, hence save lives.

Besides, I’ve been recently testing technologies and products for the IoT, and I’ve been briefly involved in a project for energy metering using Libelium’s Waspmote platform. I consider the IoT to be the next big thing after mobile, yet, in order to reach that level of ubiquity we are expecting, I believe it seriously needs a new technology stack that is both safer and more self reliant, or otherwise capable of transmitting on the mobile network without requiring a SIM card, a gateway or other network appliances of sort.

Last but not least, I’ve been also studying gamification for enterprise applications.